Trail of the Broken Spear

Mystery in Alryne

The young lass, Ila, explained that people were going missing from her village of Alryne. As she pleaded for help from the small group of adventures of the Slain Gorgon a large, swarthy man entered, recognizing the girl. He declared his name was Ulfrik, and hailed from the same village as Ila and he too had experienced loss in the village. He even brought with him a clue about the disappearance, a broach of blackened metal in the shape of a starburst. No one knew anything about the item, but the scholars of the guild promised to look into it for him, adding the fee onto the tab for rescuing what they could of the village. The next morning Ulfrik, Seldlon and Micha left for the ailing village. Upon their arrival to the Ulfrik’s farm, they could find naught else for clues, the farm having been burned down, and the dead livestock long gone. They ventured into the quiet, suspicious town, the streets were all but empty, even the bar maid left early to get home before dusk. As they were making arrangements for the night, they heard a scream outside, tracked down where it seemed someone had gone missing. A lone basket of vegetables and a single set of footprints aroused concerns from the group, as the footprints were of the young woman who was taken, and led them no further. From what little information they could get from the barkeep and others, they determined it all occurred shortly after the mine closed down and four miners went missing. The next morning they set out to explore the mine and found the gate barred and locked by the missing foreman. Thankfully Seldlon had his version of a key, easily opening the obstacle. Inside the main preparation chamber they found mining supplies they made use of, Ulfrik donning a candle-helmet to light the way, the others finding the foreman’s journal, neat at first, but the writing got erratic towards the end, speaking about, “Her return…”

They delved deeper into the mine, fending off dire rats and firebeetles, only to be ambushed by a trio of robed individuals, hurling fire and acid at them. After the last was defeated, Ulfrik heard a scratching sound from inside a chest large enough to hold a small person, he used the key he found to open the chest, only to find it had been a food cache that had been found by a swarm of rats that quickly moved on to their next meal, him. Flailing ineffectually at the rats, he rat when the others tried dousing the rats with acid, getting him on the process and forcing him to flee towards the underground river near the path. Ulfrik first ran into a wall, blinding by the horde of rats and lantern oil sprayed upon him by Seldlon, Micha’s magics barely keeping him alive as he dove, headfirst into the shallow water ten feet below. His luck had only worsened, finding that the shallow waters contained the remains of many of the villagers, including his wife and that he was not the first to find them. A trio of giant rot grubs burst from the corpses to attack the fresher meat. Being fully glutted, they were slow, but very tough to kill, running the party through most of their resources to end the beasts before the group decided to return to the tavern to lick their wounds.


Are you accepting new players in your campaign? If so when do you play and what are the details of creating a character to join in the adventure?

Mystery in Alryne

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