Trail of the Broken Spear

Shadow of the Colossus

Resupplied and their resolve strengthened, the Companions left the lonely city of Melakh with a Mage from University Arcanum in Cammen they found in browsing the marketplace of Melakh, seeking clues on the ancient curse as well, and followed the old stone causeway that would lead them to Caer Droghuun, the Capital city of the Dwarven Kingdom. They were assailed along their journey by a trio of ettins, hurling javelins down a rocky slope as the Companions attempted to pass. The fight was brief, and the three giant-kin lay dead, one slain with a single arrow through it’s jaw, buried fletching deep in it’s tiny brain. From the rise where the ettins had camped, they saw a darkening silhouette of a humanoid figured carved into the rocks many miles away in the Stonehaven Mountains, closer to their destination. They made camp and continued along the road, confident it would lead them to the stone behemoth. The next night, partway to the behemoth, they were waylaid in the middle of the night by an orcish hunting party. The companions fended them off, but at great cost, nearly losing a member to the hidden shafts of arrows flying through the blackened night. The next day they traveled the last distance to the foot of the dwarven behemoth, attacked by starving griffons that had once been apart of the dwarves defense of the region. Boran’s pony was the first to be felled, though the griffons in the initial strike fared no better. They camped and struck out, finding a secret entrance in the statue’s foot with a long, widening spiral staircase going up, and up and up, finally reaching a top near the waist of the statue, opening up into a small workshop filled with tools and scraps of decayed leather for creating griffon saddles.



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