Trail of the Broken Spear

The Turin Barrow

"Turin Barrow"

The companions entered the swamp, bringing their beast of burden, a mule named Arrold, in the swamps. His reluctance slowed them greatly, making only a third of the way through their planned route on the first day. The swamp was filled with many horrible creatures and the were accosted by a surprised Green Hag, catching it unawares, losing many resources in driving it off. Their mule got injured in the fight and seemed weakened. Arrold, alas, did not survive the day as a great, many headed beast barred their path, foraging along the slight path in the swap. It tore the mule apart and severely injuring the group, leaving them wondering how they were going to survive the night. As luck would have it, they stumbled across an old traveler’s shrine with a bit of magic left in it. They stayed there in safety, their Paladin finding a medallion of healing, with the markings of the goddess of luck herself emblazoned upon it. The group set off again and again the swamp struggled to hold them from their intended goal, The Turin Barrow. A large beast rose from the swamps, seemingly made of the swamp itself, and lumbered towards them. The fight was swift and brutal, the Companions bloody and weary, completely unable to heal any more of there wounds, they found there was no place to rest, save for their destination and the shrine they left hours earlier. They traveled on, the muted light of day seemingly unchanging through the hours until they saw the form of a large hill break through the mists, stone outcroppings placed in non-random locations marking the small humps of barrows showed them they had found their destination, the Turin Barrow. The Turin Barrow was the largest of the group, with a vast man-made chasm before it, cutting deeply into the rock of the hill, it had filled, partially, with murky water, rank and stagnant with swarms of stinging insect floating noisily above it.
The Companions sought the shelter of on of the larger outcropping of rocks, as far from the main barrow as possible to set a camp and rest. Before they could do so, Francesca and Maliky heard the distant sounds of combat, and had a quick discussion over whether they should interfere in their condition or wait and recuperate. Loyalty to the Jagged Spear won out and the two stealthiest went to investigate, finding Dayna, surrounded by undead fighting to defend the entrance of the barrow, neither Meriss nor Antius were to be seen. Piles of bones and bodies gave testament to Dayna’s combat prowess, though she was badly injured, a femur of some humanoid jammed into her abdomen like a spear pinned her to the doorway, giving her no room to maneuver and quickly sapping her strength.

The Companions fought bravely to rescue their beloved mentor, and somehow won out over the waves of undead… for now.



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