Trail of the Broken Spear

The Walls of Malakh

As the companions of Westcrown near the embattled city, it is clear the majority of the fighting lay outside the massive walls. Thousands of lesser devilkin battling Dwarf, human and golem alike. The golems, familiar from the approach into the city from their previous travels, no longer lined the marketway, cutting a swath through the least devils, some are overwhelmed by the advances of lesser devils and their commanders. Teams of devils pop in and out of existence on the walls, harrying the defenders, wearing them out while receiving few losses of their own. The horde outside seems to continue to grow, the mass expanding further than previously seen. The party is invited to a busy war room and taken before the King.

“Ye see what we have afore us. Back in th’ day this’d be nuthing to the earthen folk, We had allies, more guardians and help from even the blasted blade-eared elves… No offense, lasses.” He puffs from his pipe, the table an intricate map of the city and battlefield. “Now, I kin tell ye be wanting to be friends of the dwarves yet again. If ye can awaken an old friend o’ me Great Grand-pappy’s, it’d turn the tide of this battle. We’re makin’ ‘em pay dearly, but it ain’t goin’ well. We’re still few from our slumber, all able bodied, and not-so-able bodied, but cantankerous folk are fightin’ in turns, restin’ when able.” He pauses, sizing you all up, “I see ye’ve got yerself the Fair Lady, if’n ye could part from the priestess fer awhile te help heal our hurt lads an’ take the fight te the devils, it’d be greatly appreciated. I don’t intend ye to wake up Ragothdeszeld without a full crew, so if ye’d like, there be a guild of adventurers down Torag’s way, they’ve been helpin’ out a might and have a few as of yet un-injured folk who seem to be able to fight almost as well as a dwarf.”



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