Kranz Leadbelly's Journal

An old, oil-stained, leatherbound book belonging to one of the party's former mentors


… I found me first signs o’ the Death here, in Malakh. T’weren’t spreading here, but the signs were everywhere o’ those that been further in. The lads and lasses of the Spear need me, but I’ll be back, with them in toe, hollerin’ and fussin’ if I must, to unjigger this whole mess.

… found this from a traveler who’d gone beyond, towards Caer Droghuun

…I warned Kemmrick: The secrets of our people should remain beneath
the ground, but he would not be placated. We’ve already lost Martren, and
without his divine guidance we are truly lost in the dark. Monsters lurk in
every shadow, but something worse jangles in the deep. I feel its evil from
afar, like a blistering heat threatening to melt away my soul. The Dark
Smith might be forgotten, but I fear one of his vile servants still prowls
these halls, keeping the fires of Droskar burning for hundreds of years…”
My legs don’t work no more, slowed and numb from the Creeping Death…
their shrieks tore my courage from me and left my heart cold. I don’t know
what they did to me when their rancid-tasting lips locked on mine, but my
thoughts jumble now, and my body is heavy…if only Martren were here, he
would know what sickness ails me and pray for my salvation. The only prayer
I can muster is that this plague takes me before that hellish shackled
servant of Droskar returns to drag me off in chains as he did Kemmrick. I
still hear his screams in my mind…

Kranz Leadbelly's Journal

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