The Maudlin Maul

The Maudlin Maul is a well-know inn located in the city of Westcrown.The innkeeper, Jared Redland, loves hearing good music and listening incredible tales. He invites all minstrels and bards to give performances in his establishment. Since he pays them well (3 gp), he gets the best ones for the pleasure of his clients. The inn has 4 rooms to rent (5 sp per day).

Medieval inn 03 1st floor

  • Entrance – In the entrance there is a target to throw knifes. The rules of the game are easy. Each participant has 5 knifes to throw; magical knifes are prohibited. The thrower is placed behind a white line on the ground standing away from the target by 10 feet.
Location Armor Class Points
Red Zone (center) AC 30 10 points + Free Throw
Yellow Zone AC 25 5 points
Green Zone AC 20 3 points
White Zone AC 15 1 point

The participant who gets the more points wins the game. The record of 215 points is held by Jared himself.

  • Feast Room – A large room where people could eat or just drink while listening good music or stories.
Drink Cost
beer 4 cp
hydromel 2 sp
hippocras (spicy wine) 4 sp
wine 2 sp
fine wine bottles 10 gp
Beef Stew 1 sp
Spiced Potatoes & Quail Eggs 2 sp
Good meal (venison) 5 sp

There is always a beef stew on fire and the innkeeper could also prepare good meals from venison.

Medieval inn 03 2nd floor

The Maudlin Maul

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