Welcome, Companions of Westcrown

The adventure begins in the Maudlin Maul, a cheery inn where the adventurers have gathered as of late, bragging of their latest moves and enjoying themselves as a well paid bard strummed his lute merrily on stage. Laughter and good-natured jibes are traded as they eat the innkeeper, Jared’s, spiced potatoes with quail eggs. The Jagged Spear, the town’s resident adventuring group, mentors to the younger group, has left the day before, investigating the disappearance of an expected caravan from Tir Anassi, an elven settlement at the edge of the woods on the coast. Not much was expected from this shipment, the major trade season had not fully started up, but it was still cause for concern as they were never ones to be late. The morning’s revelry is broken, however, when Ar’Tesh, the falcon companion of Dayna, the Jagged Spear’s ranger, bursts through the window, intent, with the last of it’s energy, to reach the companions. On the falcon’s ankle is a note.

The note reads:

My Friends
the caravan was attacked. Many are dead, some are missing. There are… disturbing signs…we don’t have time to clean up all of this and are on the hunt for the source. Please, come dispatch the remnants.
~ Dayna

There is a rudimentary, quickly drawn map in the note, indicating a site near the river to the north. The site is distant enough to take a day by horse at a walking pace, or two days on foot.

Thus began the journey of our Companions…